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  • 32g Lean Protein
  • Lactose FREE
  • 20 Vitamins & Minerals

When MUSCLE MILK® was first introduced, we attempted to emulate human mother's milk, one of nature's most anabolic, complete and balanced foods. In doing that, MUSCLE MILK created a new category of protein products, while setting a new standard for both taste and performance. As a result, MUSCLE has become America's favorite protein drink.

PRECISION PROTEIN BLEND MUSCLE MILK contains a precise blend of proteins designed to create the optimal environment for exercise recovery and muscle growth. This precision protein blend contains rapid-releasing whey and slower digesting micellar caseins from milk protein isolate/concentrate plus calcium and sodium caseinates. This creates a constant supply of amino acids, the building blocks of muscle tissue.

CHOOSE THE RIGHT KIND OF FAT! The LEAN LIPIDS™ used in MUSCLE MILK are more likely burned for muscle energy and heat than stored as fat. Medium-chain triglycerides (MCT), the pre-digested, fast-burning fats help provide the caloric energy needed to fuel exercise and recovery. Polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids from canola and sunflower oil provide essential omega-3, 6 and 9 fatty acids.

CHOOSE CARBOHYDRATES WISELY Low-sugar, high fiber complex carbs are an important part of a healthy, active lifestyle. The starch-based complex carbs found in MUSCLE MILK supply energy to the body in the form of glucose. Glucose is the only energy source for red blood cells and a preferred energy source for anaerobically exercising muscles.

Since we founded CytoSport™ in 1998, we've been dedicated to working with sports scientists, coaches and trainers to redefine protein enhanced products for active lifestyles and serious athletes - supporting performance when it matters.
Over the years, we've expanded to create a comprehensive line that encompasses the athletic experience from preparation, to hydration, to recovery. Our products are among the very few that are subjected to third party independent testing to ensure they are manufactured in compliance with NSF International's GMP for Sport™ Registration. Our facilities are also inspected and regulated by the FDA. We carefully manufacture our powder products and ready-to-drink pre-blends onsite at our corporate campus in Benicia, California. Making responsible and efficacious products for athletes and active lifestyle individuals requires responsibility on all fronts. As our business has grown, so has our footprint. We have made environmental sustainability a focus and driver in everyday decision making.
Through it all, CytoSport has been committed to one thing, building athletes from the inside out.
- Greg and Mike Pickett, Father/Son

What type?




Whey protein is quick to digest and provides all of the protein building blocks - the amino acids. Our bodies cannot make some amino acids, and whey is ideal for meeting essential amino acid needs. Whey also supplies branched-chain amino acids (BCAA), and some research supports that they aid muscle recovery after hard workouts.


Compared with whey, casein is slower to digest, and results in a lower, yet more prolonged rise in blood amino acid levels, which may provide a particular advantage for body builders. At least one study supports that casein outshines whey in terms of promoting strength and lean body mass gains in people following a structured weight-training plan.


Rice protein is less likely to create allergic reactions than other proteins, and it comes from a plant, making it appropriate for vegetarians. Another potential advantage is that rice protein contains a high proportion of arginine, an amino acid that can dilate blood vessels, possibly enhancing blood flow to muscles. Rice is not a "complete" protein however; it doesn't supply all of the essential amino acids. Some products combine rice protein with proteins from sources like soy or milk to make it complete.



Egg protein is ideal for people who are looking to build new muscle. It has a very high protein efficiency ratio (PER), which is one measure of how well our bodies can use any particular form of protein. The higher the PER, the more efficiently our bodies can use that protein when we eat it. Egg is off the charts in terms of PER. Egg protein also is a complete protein, and is a good source of essential and branched chain amino acids. Egg protein powder is made from egg whites, and comes in a convenient, pasteurized powder form.



Soy protein is a high-quality plant protein that provides all essential amino acids, making it a good option for vegetarians. For the body to best utilize soy protein, vegetarians should also eat grain or dairy within a few days. Soy protein comes in two basic forms: soy protein isolate and soy protein concentrate. Soy protein isolate is the most highly purified form, and has a minimum protein content of 90%. Soy protein concentrate contains more carbohydrates, and has a protein content of approximately 70%. Concentrates tend to cost a little less, but if you find soy protein concentrate doesn't agree with you, try isolate, which is easier for some people to digest.


How much?

With protein, as with many nutrients, more is not always better. According to Dr. Doug Paddon-Jones, Associate Professor at the University of Texas Medical Branch and Director of Exercise Studies, "30 grams of protein appears to stimulate maximum muscle synthesis. For athletes, each meal and snack is a chance to hit the 30 gram mark, giving your body several opportunities each day to maximize muscle growth and repair."

Another reason to spread protein evenly through the day is simple efficiency. "Given that your body won't use much beyond 30 grams of protein at a time, it doesn't make sense to load up with more than this," says Paddon-Jones.



  • Breakfast-To support muscle building first thing in the morning, try trading traditional carb-heavy breakfast foods for more protein-rich options, such as a powder protein supplement mixed with milk and cereal.
  • If you're heading into a long strength-training session-Sipping a casein-based protein supplement prior to and during your workout will give muscles sustained access to amino acids. If taken in the evening, casein can provide a steady supply of amino acids while you're sleeping.
  • Immediately pre- or post-workout-Especially if your workout includes aerobic or circuit training, protein manufacturers recommend a whey protein-based liquid or powder supplement.

Mix 1 scoop (35g) into 5-6 fl-oz water

Mix 2 scoops (70g) into 10-12 fl-oz water

Keep out of reach of children.

Store in a cool, dry place(60F~80F)

1. After opening the cap, please consume quickly.

2. If you have allergies, please check ingredients before consuming

3. If you are currently under treatment, please consult your physician before consuming

4. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Supplement Facts
Serving Size   2 scoop(s)
Servings Per Container  30
Amount Per Serving   % DV
Calories    348.00    
Calories from Fat    162.00    
Total Fat    18.00 g   28% 
Saturated Fat    4.00 g   24% 
Cholesterol    3.00 mg   1% 
Sodium    200.00 mg   8% 
Potassium    595.00 mg   17% 
Total Carbohydrate    12.00 g   4% 
Dietary Fiber    2.00 g   8% 
Sugars    1.00 g    
Protein    32.00 g   64% 
Phosphorus    330.00   33% 
Magnesium    132.00   33% 
Calcium    330.00   33% 
Iron    5.94   33% 
Vitamin A    1650.00   33% 
Vitamin C    198.00   330% 
Vitamin D    132.00   33% 
Vitamin E    9.90   33% 
Thiamine    26.40   33% 
Niacin    6.60   33% 
Folic Acid    132.00   33% 
Vitamin B-12    1.98   33% 
Biotin    99.00   33% 
Pantothenic Acid    3.30   33% 
Iodine    49.50   33% 
Zinc    4.95   33% 
Copper    0.66   33% 
Chromium    100.00 mcg   83% 
 ** Daily Value (DV) not established

Other Ingredients:  Evopro - Our custom evolution based protein, peptide and amino acid matrix (Whey Peptides, L-Taurine, Lactoferrin, Glutamine Peptides, Micellar alpha and beta caseins and caseinates, whey isolates, purified bovine colostrum extract rich in secretory IgA and IGF-1, Whey protein concentrates rich in Alpha-Lactalburrin), Lean Lipids™ (L-Carnitine, Canola Oil, MCT's, sunflower and/or safflower oil), Cocoa Powder, Maltodextrin, resistant maltodextrin, Fructose, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Cytovite 1™ Vitamin Mineral Blend, fructo-oligosaccharides, Potassium Chloride, Acesulfame Potassium, Sucralose, Soy Lecithin

No Trans Fatty Acids, ZERO LACTOSE